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  • Feb 04
  • Airlines
  • Hotel Reservation
  • 61

OneTravel.com immediately gave me an email confirmation of my flight and hotel reservation. Then they failed to actually make the booking with the hotel and airline. I reconfirmed my reservation 72-hours in advance and discovered that the airline had my flights, but OneTravel (Cheapoair) failed to transmit my seat assignments and my special meal. I then called the Trump Hotel and they reported... Read more

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My name is Dennis Sandy i tried to make reservation on a car i submit all the information and was informed that it was incorrect so i canceled to my surprise $35was withdrawn ftom my account Add comment

Customer service nil they don't care. Long hold times. Call centre in India. Was able to fly but not worth the hassle had to do a name correction and was met with extortion attempt, resolved with airline myself after they got fed up with them too. Add comment

  • Jan 05
  • Travel Agencies
  • Toronto, Ontario
  • Travel Booking
  • 86

This has been my worst travel booking experience in my life! I made the booking on a Friday morning, they called me the first time on Saturday 9 PM and told me that they need to verify my credit card transaction and that my bank is closed, they said that they do not need me to do anything but just FYI and that my booking is secure. They repeated the same call three times over that weekend from... Read more

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Don't you ever send me any of your *** adds i do not want to here or get nothing on my email from you all you all steel my $468.00 dallors hate you all don't send me nothing to my email theif Add comment

  • Oct 22, 2014
  • Travel Agencies
  • Airtickets Purchase
  • 314

One Travel-One Trouble. I am a doctor and like to get lowest price to travel. On the search engine I was directed to ONE TRAVEL- One Trouble dot com. The search engine showed the best price for the onetravel.com, for about $860. To buy this ticket from them I had to enter flights route, dates and CREDIT CARD information to purchase this ticket for that price. I clicked and was given instruction... Read more

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  • Sep 23, 2014
  • Travel Agencies
  • Yuba City, California
  • Insurance Claim Dispute
  • 97

The person I was to stay with passed away on Sept. 14th. If you don't believe me contact The Hays Daily News--obituary page, Lawrence F. Brown 111. I contacted the insurance company and all they did was give me the phone number of United. I called them and they said they could cancel the flight but when I re-booked they would charge me another $200. What good is the insurance? I'm seventy eight... Read more

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I just spent 50 minutes trying to rebook a flight from one travel. I was so frustrated I asked to speak to a manager and that took another 10 minutes. A gentleman who spoke very bad English was not apologetic and was I fact rude. I will never use this crappy horrible non customer friendly site. Ever!!! Bottom line---they suck Add comment

  • Sep 02, 2014
  • Travel Agencies
  • New York City, New York
  • Flight Booking
  • 1
  • 1
  • 168

I booked a flight fro 5 people 13 weeks in advance. And didnt like the service i received online. So i gave them a negative review on their survey. Then i received my seats and confirmation and i get an email saying that my flight has been cancelled and offered me a different flight on a different date to a different city 300 miles away. This happened the same day the agent called my house angry... Read more

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  • Aug 18, 2014
  • Travel Agencies
  • Flight Day Change
  • 86

I am very sorry , I purchased round trip ticket from one travel with sas air By 1550 dollar . When I tried to Change my flight day . You or the air lines have asked me 967 dollar . change and fair difference . Is that fair . It is amazing for me . Why amazing ? B/c I can purchase a new tkt with 650 dollar . The other thing . I am frequent customer for one travel may be with in this summer I... Read more

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